VXT Induction System Rolling Road Test

Here are some pictures of the modified inlet system for the VX220 Turbo and test results carried out on the same vehicle on the same day showing the increase in power and torque (graphs below) on a stage 4 VXT.

Modified Airbox which removes the “dead” area of the filter and includes an 80mm bore ‘Trumpet” to feed the 80mm bore alloy inlet pipe and a 100mm “Trumpet” entry into the airbox.

DSC 0327.JPG.jpg

80mm to 60mm reducing elbow.

DSC 0328.JPG.jpg

Hi Flow Turbo Adapter also shown below in position to remove the “step” into the turbo.

DSC 0466.JPG.jpg

Shown below the results from the test carried out before and after.


DSC 0476.JPG.jpg

To reduce “chatter” by aiding the standard recirc system a “T”piece can be added into the pipe feeding the “top hat’ end fed back into the pipe pre turbo.

Shown below is the new tubular top hat whic has a smoother entry into the throttle body but this was not tested at the time.

IMG 1827.jpg

IMG 1823.jpg

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